Psychology Students

The faculty in our department provide a wide range of expertise. We have no single dominant orientation to the field of psychology but rather have a balanced mix of views and interests. The members of the department have a commitment to excellence in teaching. We are a Department that is also active in research and professional and community service.

The discipline of psychology not only focuses on helping people in their different life situations but is also widely accepted as a science. As a science, psychology seeks to underestand human behavior in different contexts. However, this in itself would not be enough; it is also essential to apply this knowledge to the practical problems of daily life. Therefore, in its professional appllication, psychology aims to improve people's quality of life on the variety of contexts in which they might find themselves.

Psychology is the science of human behaviour and mental processes. Psychology uses scientific methods to describe, predict, understand and explain human behaviour. COmbined with appropriate related courses, the concentration provides students with an undergraduate background for entrance into graduate programs in psychology, medicine, and other professions. In addition, it provides a broad, basic liberal background for a wide range of other pursuits.

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