Radiographers are committed to provide a challenging and distinctive program which successfully combines academic achievement with the development of the higher standard of clinical care.

A Bsc in radiography from SCU aims to produce practitioners who can with sensitivity assess the need of patients appropriately it also producers practioners who are capable of analysing and evaluating their own practice in terms of established scientific theory and current evidence based research. Graduates should also be able to contribute to the professional knowlegde base improved professional practice and ultimately enhance the quality of patient experience.

To achieve this practitioners need to be competent in a number of skills areas and the course is structured to provide and moniter opportunities for acquiring this competences in all of the following:

  1. communication must be able to communicate effectively with patience members of the public and other healthcare professionals.

  2. Evaluation and response to patient needs radiographers must be able to utilize role specific technical skills and knowledge to implement facets of the proposed examination/treatement safely and accurately.

  3. Management Skills radiographers must be able to effectively manage human and other resources in order to respond to the needs of patients and of the service

  4. Professional Growth radiographers must accept responsibilities for their own practice and for actively maintaining their personal and professional developments.

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